Records Management Systems

The HPS Software Suite is comprised of a series of user-friendly modules that comprise everything you need to run your department faster and more efficiently. These modules are integrated together to eliminate excess data entry and provide a single source for departmental management. Individual modules can also be used as standalone software if you do not have the complete suite. Contact Us for more information.


• Track alarms
• Generate Billing
• Send notices (e-mail, Text)

Case Management

Field • Track Status of Cases
• Leads Management
• Assign Case Duties (follow up, interviews, etc)
• Tack Forms Attached to Case
•Statics Analysis
• Division Tracking
• Officer Report Tracking
• Supervisor Tracking

Digital Booking

• Real Time Booking Integration
• All State Forms (Auto Populate)
• Auto Positioning Booking Camera
• Meets NIST Standards
• Digital Lineups (Can also be saved as pdf)
• AFIS/Cogent Integration
• Prisoner Tracking


• Integrated to CAD/RMS
•  Collect Interface
•  Print Tickets
•  Print Written Warning
•  Transmit Data to State
•  Ticket Back

Field Intelligence Tracking

• Protective/Restraining Order Tracking (Integrated to CAD Alerts)
• Permit Tracking
• Alerted Name and Address Tracking

Evidence/Property Room

• Track Case Evidence
•  Generate Labels and Barcodes
•  Evidence Photos
•  Track Flow/Chain of Custody
•  Integrates Lab and Receipt Forms
•  Evidence Inventory Report

Gang Tracking

• Track Gang Data and Members
• Photos

Internal Affairs

• Early Warning Alerts
• Discipline Tracking
• Custom Alerts
• Use of Force Tracking

Motor Vehicle Stop/Profile Data Submission

• Track all Required MV Stop Data
• System will Transmit Data to the State


• Certified NIBRS Reporting
• Onscreen Real Time Help Guide


• All Data Entered into the HPS CAD/RMS is searchable
• Quick Search Features
• Customized Search Layouts
• Results Based on User Security

Personnel Tracking

• Personal Data
• Certifications
• Time Off
• Pay rates

Police Forms

• Over 50 State Forms
• Individually Customized for Departments
• All Report Data Integrated to Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry or Omissions
• Warrant Tracking
• PR1 Diagraming

Shift Report Notes

• Shift ‘Handover” Sheet
• Tracks pertinent data and notes to be passed.

Tow Log

• Tow Rotation Tracking
• Tows Information
• CAD Integration

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

• Gas Log
• Repair Tracking
• Cost Analysis


• Track Department Budget
• Line Item Tracking
• Generate Purchase Orders
• Reports and Graphs


Case Photos

• Import Case Photos into Report
• Photo Tracking

CLERY Reporting

• Auto Generates Annual Clery Report
• Additional Clery Report Data Entry
• Clery Activity Sheets


• Electronic PR1
• Will Be Online Pending State API Release


iPad App

• Interface HPS CAD/RMS with an IPAD
• Auto Picture Import
• Digital Signatures

Mobile Report Writing

• Real Time Access to the Complete HPS System in a Mobile Environment
• Customized Access Levels
• COLLECT Integration
• Silent Dispatching
• Car to Car or Car to In house Instant Messaging
• Access to Other Department Files (i.e. word, email, etc)
• Officer Tracking
• Tablet Integration – iPad, Android, Windows

Report Writer

• Officer Reports Owed Queue
• Cad Data Integrated
• Auto Enter Previously Entered Persons
• Quick Search Features
• Onscreen Help Guide and Highlighted Data to eliminate omissions and errors
• Spell Check
• Integrates with State and Departmental Forms
• Quick Copy and Paste From Other Report
• Officer Signoff



• Based Off Of Active Directory Login to Eliminate Dual Logins
• Optional User Name and Password
• 2 Factor Authentication – Meets State and Federal Requirements
• Granular Security (Data can be secured down to the individual field level)
• Customized To Fit The Need of the Department
• CITRIX 140 FIPS standards

Statistical Reports

• Generate Statistical/Analytical Reports
• CFS and Non CFS Analysis on Any Data Entered
• Location Reports
• Time Analysis
• Many More
• Quickly Add Customized Reports
• Charts and Graphs
• Dashboards



• On-line comprehensive shit and extra duty scheduling
• Shift Assignments
• Minimal staffing alerts
• Auto Schedule Based on Rotation
• CAD Integration
• Days Off Tracking
• Schedule and Overtime Rotation Tracking
• Overtime Scheduling
• Extra Duty Rotation Tracking
• Billing
• App for IPHONE and Android

Parking Tickets

• Parking Ticket Tracking
• Generate Billing Letters
• Payment Tracking
• DMV Integration

Training - POST and Departmental

• Track Training Requirements
• Schedule Training Classes
• POST Required Training Alerts
• Generate POST Forms

Fire RMS

NFIRS 5.0 Reporting

• NIFRS 5.0 Certified
• Real Time On-screen Guide
• Point and Click
• User Friendly
• Integrated to other Modules
• Easy Searching
• Customized Reporting
• Mobile Interface


• Track Inspections
• Schedule Inspections
• Inspection Due Timers
• Generate State/Local Forms
• Call Log
• Photos
• Mobile Interface
• iPad


• Integrated
• Occupancy Information
• Contact Information
• Structure Information
• HazMat Information
• Hydrant Information
• Water Locations
• Pictures and Maps


• Interface to NFIRS Report
• Investigation Report
• Evidence
• Warrants
• Statements

Department Inventory

• Equipment Tracking
• Testing and Maintenance
• Issue Tracking

Mobile Environment

• Remote Access to all Modules
• Laptop
• iPad, Android, Windows

iPad App

• Interface HPS CAD/RMS with an ipad
• Auto Picture Import
• Digital Signatures

Fire Marshal Forms

• Open Burning
• Certificates
• Blasting
• Arrest Warrant
• Search Warrant
• Custom Forms
• Custom Permits
• Fee Tracking



• Duty Rotation
• Auto Enter Schedule
• Days Off Tracking

Member Tracking

• Equipment Issued
• Certifications Tracking with Expiration Alerts
• Personal Info

Department Calender

• Track Department Activity 
• Calendar Format


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