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  • Track alarms

  • Generate Billing




  • Track Department Budget

  • Line Item Tracking

  • Generate Purchase Orders

  • Reports and Graphs


Case Management


  • Track Status of Cases

  • Leads Management

  • Assign Case Duties (follow up, interviews, etc)

  • Tack Forms Attached to Case

  • Statics Analysis

  • Division Tracking

  • Officer Report Tracking

  • Supervisor Tracking


Case Photos


  • Import Case Photos into Report

  • Photo Tracking


Crime Mapping


  • Crime Map gets Incident data from CAD/RMS Systems which auto map visually, displays in chart and summary for the given date range.

  • CRIME MAPPING – Version 2.0


Criminal Justice Information Systems ( CJIS)


  • Run FBI data queries from within Hunt Software

  • Auto enter CJIS Data to report writer (RMS)

  • All currently available interface features included

  • Connecticut – COLLECT V2 Interface

Digital Booking


  • Real Time Booking Integration

  • All State Forms (Auto Populate)

  • Auto Positioning Booking Camera

  • Meets NIST Standards

  • Digital Lineups (Can also be saved as pdf)

  • AFIS/Cogent Integration

  • Prisoner Tracking



  • MMUCC Electronic Accident Reporting

  • User Friendly Error Checking



  • Integrated to CAD/RMS

  • Collect Interface

  • Print Tickets

  • Print Written Warning

  • Transmit Data to State

  • Ticket Back

Evidence/Property Room


  • Track Case Evidence

  • Generate Labels and Barcodes

  • Evidence Photos

  • Track Flow/Chain of Custody

  • Integrates Lab and Receipt Forms

  • Evidence Inventory Report

Field Intelligence Tracking


  • Protective/Restraining Order Tracking (Integrated to CAD Alerts)

  • Permit Tracking

  • Alerted Name and Address Tracking

Gang Tracking


  • Track Gang Data and Members

  • Photos

iPad App


  • Interface Hunt CAD/RMS with an ipad

  • Auto Picture Import

  • Digital Signatures

Internal Affairs/Professional Standards


  • Early Warning Alerts

  • Discipline Tracking

  • Custom Alerts

  • Use of Force Tracking

Mobile Report Writing


  • Real Time Access to the Complete Hunt System in a Mobile Environment

  • Customized Access Levels

  • COLLECT Integration

  • Silent Dispatching

  • Car to Car or Car to In house Instant Messaging

  • Access to Other Department Files (i.e. word, email, etc)

  • Officer Tracking

  • Tablet Integration – iPad, Android, Windows


Motor Vehicle Stop/Profile Data Submission


  • Track all Required MV Stop Data

  • System will Transmit Data to the State




  • Certified NIBRS Reporting

  • Onscreen Real Time Help Guide


Report Writing

With minimum training The ReportWriter will guide an officer through writing a quick, easy, and error free report. Through the use of the on screen help menu, a report cannot be completed if it contains any errors or omissions. All information entered at the CAD is written directly to the ReportWriter. The ReportWriter also utilizes pull down menus, and auto enter buttons. These features eliminate redundant data entry while speeding up the report writing process.

Report Writer Features


  • Officer Reports Owed Queue

  • Cad Data Integrated

  • Auto Enter Previously Entered Persons

  • Quick Search Features

  • Onscreen Help Guide and Highlighted Data to eliminate omissions and errors

  • Spell Check

  • Integrates with State and Departmental Forms

  • Quick Copy and Paste from Other Report

  • Officer Signoff




  • All Data Entered Into the Hunt CAD/RMS is searchable

  • Quick Search Features

  • Customized Search Layouts

  • Results Based on User Security




  • Based Off Of Active Directory Login to Eliminate Dual Logins

  • Optional User Name and Password

  • 2 Factor Authentication – Meets State and Federal Requirements

  • Granular Security (Data can be secured down to the individual field level)

  • Customized To Fit The Need of the Department


Personnel Tracking


  • Personal Data

  • Certifications

  • Time Off

  • Pay rates


Police Forms


  • State Forms

  • Customized Departmental

  • All Report Data Integrated to Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry or Omissions

  • Warrant Tracking


Statistical Reports


  • Generate Statistical/Analytical Reports

    • CFS and Non CFS Analysis on Any Data Entered

    • Location Reports

    • Time Analysis

    • Many More

  • Quickly Add Customized Reports

  • Charts and Graphs

  • Dashboards


Scheduling  OTSolved


  • Auto Schedule Based on Rotation

  • Shift Assignments

  • CAD Integration

  • Days Off Tracking

  • Schedule and Overtime Rotation Tracking

  • Overtime Scheduling

  • Extra Duty Rotation Tracking

  • Alerts though Phone, Text, and eMail


Shift Report Notes


  • Shift ‘Handover” Sheet

  • Tracks pertinent data and notes to be passed.


Tow Log


  • Tow Rotation Tracking

  • Tows Information

  • CAD Integration


Training – POST and Departmental


  • Track Training Requirements

  • Schedule Training Classes

  • POST Required Training Alerts

  • Generate POST Forms


Parking Tickets


  • Parking Ticket Tracking

  • Generate Billing Letters

  • Payment Tracking

  • DMV Integration


Vehicle Maintenance


  • Gas Log

  • Repair Tracking

  • Cost Analysis


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